Planning Your Trip

  1. PRECAMP TRAINING – A successful retreat requires careful precamp planning. Please familiarize your retreat leaders with their retreat responsibilities and the requirements of the Foundation Free Camps. In addition to thoughtful preparation for programs, food service, transportation, recreation, activities, and cleanup, please emphasize each leader’s role in emergency procedures and attention to the health and safety of your campers.
  2. PRECAMP COMMUNICATION – Prior to your retreat, please be sure to clearly communicate with each member of your group. They will need to know what to expect at camp and what will be expected of them. Be sure they know what to bring with them, how to get to your specific campsite, and how they can be reached while at camp. Maps with information specific to the site reserved will be included in your reservation packet to help with the communication process. Make and distribute copies as needed.
  3. EMERGENCIES – H. E. Butt Foundation Camp staff live on the property and are available to assist in the event of emergencies. Emergency procedures are posted by every phone..
  4. CHECK-IN – Plan to arrive before or with your group and stop at the Camp Office as soon as you arrive to pick up your arrival packet. Check-in times are between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. unless pre-arrangedwith the Camp Office at 830-232-6671. Please call the Camp Office to let us know if you are delayed enroute and unable to arrive when expected.
  5. CHECK-OUT – In order to avoid delays to your departure, please plan your program and cleanup to be ready for your check-out at the time noted in your reservation packet. A campsite inspection must be performed by our camp staff before you leave. Please plan to accompany our staff on the inspection in the event any follow-up is necessary.
  6. ORIENTATION -Please plan 30 minutes, early in your schedule, when all your group can be available for an orientation to be given by a member of the Foundation staff.. H. E. Butt Foundation history, mission, and ground rules are covered. At orientation, please provide a “Sign-In Register” containing the name and telephone number of every person in your group.
  7. FOOD SERVICE – Your group is responsible for all its own food, supplies, and meal preparation. Cookware, serving ware, tableware, and dishes are provided. To reduce solid waste, please do not use disposable products such as paper plates and cups, plastic tableware, etc.
  8. KITCHEN FACILITIES – Each camp has a complete kitchen. A stove, freezer, refrigerator, microwave, coffeemaker, ice machine, and enough dishes, pots, pans, and utensils are provided to serve each site’s capacity. Each campsite is provided with a barbecue pit for which you will need to provide charcoal, lighter fluid, and matches.
  9. TRASH & RECYCLING – Please make every effort to minimize solid waste generated by your activities. Plan to separate and recycle as much as possible. The rest of your trash can be deposited in our dumpster which is located off the main camp road about 500 yards inside the front gate. Be sure that one of your vehicles has a 2″ trailer hitch to haul the trash trailer we provide for your use at each campsite. Please plan to take recyclables home with you. Bring large plastic liners to use in the trash cans provided.
  10. CLEANUP – Before check-out, please plan to have your group thoroughly inspect the grounds and clean and sanitize all of the facilities in your campsite. You are responsible for the condition of all the facilities in your campsite even if you did not use them all. Remember to bring your own supplies for cleaning. Please take all left-over food and supplies (soap, paper towels, toilet tissue, etc.) home with you.
  11. TELEPHONES - Each campsite can be dialed direct. Long-distance calls can be made by using calling cards or a collect-call service. Cell phones do not work in the Canyon. Please give all members of your group the name and phone number of your reserved campsite (listed below) to leave with those who may need to reach them.
    Echo Valley 830-232-3680
    Singing Hills 830-232-5690
    Linnet’s Wings 830-232-6776
    Headwaters 830-232-6050
    Windsong 830-232-3634
    - Yes! You will have to drive in the river to reach your campsite except Windsong.
    - The road through the river has a solid rock bottom and is well marked; the water is only about 4-inches deep.
    - Commercial buses will NOT be allowed to drive in the river—so, if you come in commercial buses, you will have to provide shuttle vehicles for campers, luggage, and supplies from the bus-unloading area to your campsite.
    - Please pool transportation to minimize the use of vehicles as much as possible. Gasoline is not available at camp.
    - A map to your reserved campsite will be included with your reservation packet to help your campers reach the campsite without intruding on the privacy of other sites. Make and distribute copies as needed.
  13. BOUNDARIES – Please plan your activities to respect the privacy of groups in other campsites. Please be sure that your campers do not enter any other campsite or cross any property line fences.
  14. VISITORS and RESTRICTIONS – We cannot accommodate family reunions, picnics, tourists, visitors, drop-ins, sight-seeing tours, or day-trips. We do not allow tent camping, trailers, RVs, ATVs, dirt bikes, pets, alcohol, weapons, or fireworks. Smoking is not allowed inside the buildings. Please note these restrictions as you plan your program.
  15. FISHING – Campers 17-64 years of age must have a fishing license. Unattended lines, trot lines, spear fishing, and seining are not permitted. Please honor our catch-and-release policy. Bait is not available at camp; please plan to bring your own fishing gear and bait.
  16. CAMPFIRES and FIREWOOD – Each campsite has a specific area for small campfires. Please plan to bring your own firewood. Please do not allow your group members to gather firewood or create new fire sites. Occasionally burn bans are required due to dry conditions. Call the camp office just prior to coming to confirm conditions.
  17. NOISE LEVEL – If your program includes amplified music, please respect the “retreat experience” for other campsites.

Required Training

Sexual Abuse Awareness Training – Required sexual abuse awareness training, an exam, and certificate are available online at no cost. Please click here to download more information (PDF).