worked with a variety of companies and a wide variety of reasons, but we found that for all their differences, all nonprofits had two big problems in common: fundraising was always challenging, and also technology … was a stress-inducing headache.

Foundation Free Camps is a hybrid company– a nonprofit-owned for-profit. Network for Good’s not-for-profit donor-advised fund uses the Net and also mobile technology to securely as well as efficiently distribute hundreds of contributions from contributors to their favorite charities every year. Our donor-advised fund is approved by the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance and also satisfies all 20 of its requirements for charity responsibility.

What if innovation could really make fundraising simpler? What happens if, instead of wrangling with clunky software program, you could use your fundraising system to inspire your supporters, inform your tale, as well as rally your area?

We developed Foundation Free Camps from absolutely nothing. No capitalists, no rich parents, no elegant pedigrees, no desires from unicorns. Just plain old effort and also a whole lot of grit.

The initial thing we did with the platform-that-would-become-Foundation Free Camps was test it out to fundraise for our own volunteer tasks. After some tinkering and testing, we launched in 2010.

And afterwards we assisted a not-for-profit raising over $75,000 in 40 days. And after that we introduced a crowdfunding campaign with SXSW that raised $125,000 in 10 days.

Holy cow. The power was already there, in the nonprofits’ communities. Currently, with Foundation Free Camps, they can use it like never previously. Together, they can expand.

Like most of the nonprofits we work with, we began small– simply 2 guys. In addition to sharing lots of interests, and at one factor, a very tiny Harlem home, Rob and Jeff shared an intense, some might claim irrational, fervor to assist altruists do excellent.

Sustained by an unfaltering idea in organizations and also individuals that work for them, they made a decision to do their part to make the world a much better place by aiding these world-changers.

Our group has grown, yet our goal has actually remained the same: to furnish and assist individuals doing great in our world (that’s you!) increase funds and understanding for the reasons they’re enthusiastic for. That’s why we construct fundraising tools that are easy-to-use, developed for nonprofits, and also community-driven, as well as to aid you use them to increase money for your reason.

We’ve been where you are. If you had a time maker, you would certainly see that before Foundation Free Camps, our group got on the ground raising money as fundraising experts, not-for-profit personnel, and also volunteers. Rob and Jeff volunteered in Uganda, helping an NGO with advertising as well as modern technology. Noah was off aiding a global charity expand. Candace was aiding nonprofits make videos. “Hmm,” we were all thinking, across the country as well as unknown per other, “Nonprofits are terrific, but increasing money and recognition for a reason sure is remarkably hard!”

We’ve sent umpteen fundraising emails, as well as said with boards, and viewed in horror as campaigns flopped. That’s why we’ll never ever tell you that fundraising is very easy– we understand you would certainly laugh us out of the area.